Fully qualified and insured reflexologist with the AoR - Association of Reflexologists.

Paolo has always been fascinated by the relationship between physical body and emotional plane. He has been working with crystal energy for over a decade,

and he is the creator of the highly acclaimed MOON MIST™ Aura spray.

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FACIAL REFLEXOLOGY is a therapy that uses precise stimulation of reflex points on the face by working on the nervous system to stimulate the brain and re-energise specific areas of the body that are out of balance. ​

The treatment works at a holistic level.


During the treatment, Paolo uses a facial oil.Circular movements and gentle strokes will leave you with a healthy and glowing complexion.

You'll feel extremely relaxed, energized, and with a great sense of inner peace.

​​​Facial Reflexology, like traditional reflexology, treats your body by supporting your healing process at an emotional level and it is not a substitute for medical treatment.



VOGUE - "It brings instant relief to my sinuses and it's so relaxing that I drift in and out of a light sleep".

FOOT REFLEXOLOGY is a treatment that can help with different conditions.

The treatment is deeper than facial reflexology and will effectively rebalance and reinvigorate your body by improving the blood flow and nerve stimulation.

Pressing on different reflex points on the foot and lower leg, it reconnects the brain to the rest of the body, leaving you feeling grounded, relaxed and in tune with yourself.

THE LONDON MAGAZINE - "You'll be glad you checked in because your body would feel liberated after an hour".

FACIAL LIFTING MASSAGE focusses on the nerves, muscles and lymphatic system of the face, helping the whole face to become toned and relaxed, and improving the aspect

of fine wrinkles, as well as reducing puffiness, toning the whole face, and contributing to a more even glow.

It helps by eliminating toxins, oxygenating the tissue, and stimulating the production of collagen and elastin.​​

Frequent treatments can reduce superficial wrinkles, and improve the tone and texture of the skin.​


Paolo calls it 'lifting from within', because it relieves facial tension, promoting a sense of relaxation while improving lymphatic drainage and blood circulation.


He combines massage techniques and the power of crystal tools, to strengthen the treatment.


TIMES MAGAZINE - "My face is tingling, warm and alive with vitality. It's hard to describe the sheer pleasure of this facial treatment".


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