Ethically harvested Palo Santo from Peru (3 pieces) size approx 2x4x9cm

Unlike other wood species the Palo Santo has needs to fall of naturally ie. in the form of a branch from the tree and lying on the ground for some time in order to be processed to get an incense stick or chips or cone. Therefore, no living tree is felled for this product , otherwise the healing and special properties would be lost . Furthermore we are not only import apostate wood, we decided to support a supplier who goes even further: He is actively engaged on the renaturation of trees by planting them with local people to leave the next generations this great tree. He gives 25 local residents sustainable and fair income as artisans in harmony with nature. It remains in our opinion a visionary project, but it is important for all of us: That we value the natural given goods and be carefull with our environment - live in harmony with nature and our only home, the Earth, take care. By purchasing our Palo Santo products our supplier grants to invest further in the Forest: A part of the sales goes directly into the reforestation project in Puerto Lopez, Ecuador. They already planted 40,000 trees since the construction of a greenhouse over 6 years ago and the vision is going to be lived for the future.